Creating theatre is also a bit part of who I am as an artist. I enjoy collective collaborations and movement-driven narrative.


by Emilie Leclerc
with the support of the ensemble

Photos by Gaetan Nerincx
Actors : Marie Farsi, Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin, Lara Amelie Abadir, Sabrina Auclair.
Lighting by Brad Trenaman. Sound Design by Patrick Boudreau. Stage Management by Anaïs Pellin.

Presented in 2017 at Presentation House Theatre by Vortex Theatre.

Le iShow

Les Petites Cellules Chaudes, 2013-15

The heart of our process has to do with how we managed and succeed in communicating with others. These interactions mostly happen on websites such as “Chatroullette”, a social networking site designed to randomly bring chatters together.
We also explore how to communicate with our audience, directly or indirectly, using public information found online. Finally, we seek to connect with ourself and our intimacy. We seek to be honest and show oneself to the other. To commit.

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Photo Credit : Jérémie Battaglia

Le iShow was presented in Montreal (OFFTA, Usine C), Québec (Carrefour International de Théâtre), Ottawa (Zones Théâtrales 2013), Toronto (Summerworks) and on twelve different stages in France.

The company Les Petites Cellules Chaudes closed in 2017.

Patrice Balbina’s Chance Encounter
with the End of the World

Australian Theatre for Young People, 2016-20

« BOOMERANG: Documents of Poverty of Hope has facilitated 6 co-productions and this final production was developed with
international cast and creatives to draw their experience together. »

Photos by Ben Pugh

And PATRICE BALBINA’S CHANCE ENCOUTER WITH THE END OF THE WORLD is an intimate and moving work, gently fashioned yet dynamic and full of action.

The performances are uniformly terrific (…)

Movement is often rapid and as choreographed by Gosselin has a Pina Bausch power to increase tension and tap into visual images.

Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide