THEATRE – Photo Gallery

Nos Repaires – No.5 Agathe

Théâtre la Seizième, 2020

Photos by Gaëtan Nerincx

Le NoShow Vancouver

Théâtre la Seizième, 2020

Photos by Gaëtan Nerincx

A Holiday at the Elbow Room Café

Zee Zee Theatre with The Cultch, 2019

A Charlie Brown Holiday Double Bill

Carousel Theatre for Young People, 2018-19

Photos by Tim Matheson

Leclerc is so good it had my young theatre companion yell out: “She’s funny”. He nailed that one. But she is also engaging and has a great voice.

Mark Robins – Vancouver Presents

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Les Belles-soeurs

Ruby Slippers Theatre (with Gateway Theatre), 2018

Photos by Tim Matheson

Emilie Leclerc from Les Filles Du Roi earlier this year is brilliant in the role of Pierette Guerrin. 

Tara K. Torme – Theatre Addicts

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The Ridiculous Darkness

Alley Theatre, 2017

Photos by Wendy D Photography

Miranda Edwards’s quiet naturalism and Emilie Leclerc’s warm sincerity are in tune with the play’s spotlight on injustice.

Kathleen Oliver – Georgia Straight

All the actors have their individual strengths: the less-is-more approach of Edwards and Sharma, Andrew’s offbeat characterizations, Arnold’s intensity, the pizzazz of Sum and rising star Leclerc.

Jerry Wasserman – Vancouver Sun

With shades of The Book of Mormon, co-directors Marissa Emma Smith and Nyla Carpentier embrace the ridiculous in Lotz’s satire, allowing Leclerc to absolutely shine.

Mark Robbins – Vancouver Presents

Unité Modèle

Théâtre la Seizième, 2017

Photos by Emily Cooper Photography & Gaetan Nerincx

As the would-be sales representatives, Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin and Emilie Leclerc do a nice job of appealing to our desires. Not only are they trying to sell us on the condo, they are selling us on a feeling, feeding our insatiable appetite to keep up with the Joneses.

Mark Robins – Vancouver Presents


Hardline Productions, 2017 

Photos by Mark Halliday

Other standout performances belong to Emilie Leclerc’s Bam-Bam, a French-Canadian soldier in Halfblood’s unit who neatly balances comic relief with grounded humanity

Chelsey Stuyt – Vancouver Presents

Bonjour, là, bonjour

Théâtre la Seizième, 2017

Photos by Emily Cooper Photography

Tremblay’s characters are richly textured, and this terrific cast skillfully handles the script’s rapid-fire overlapping dialogue while mining the bleak humour of their situation. With her tightly coiled hauteur, Lyne Barnabé’s Lucienne is riveting, as is Émilie Leclerc’s limply desperate Monique.

Kathleen Oliver – The Georgia Straight

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Carousel Theatre for Young People, 2016

Photos by Tim Matheson

Carole Higgins directs an energetic mix of veterans and newcomers who inhabit the material with varying degrees of success. Rebecca Talbot brings high style to Sally, and Emilie Leclerc is an imperious Lucy.

Kathleen Oliver – The Georgia Straight

Mathieu Mathématiques

Théâtre la Seizième, 2016

Jessie Award for Outstanding Production (TYA) and Outstanding Performance (TYA)

Photos by Emily Cooper Photography

Jean et Béatrice
John and Beatrice

Vortex Theatre 2015

Rivulets : 3 short stories about a flood
Seabird is in a happy place!

Babelle Theatre, Vancouver 2015
Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival, New York 2015

This metaphysical trip through life and death, performed with sexy ease by Emilie Leclerc, was a bit of an enigma.

Mark Robins – Vancouver Presents

Emilie Leclerc carried the story single-handedly, a woman brought back to life for an ill-timed, tumultuous relationship with another woman.

Cecilia Lu – VanCity Buzz

Cecilia Lu – VanCity Buzz

Munsch to say!

Chemainus Theatre Festival, 2013

Photo Credit : Cam MacDonald

Cucci & Cabana

Collective creation, 2013

Photo Credit : James Loewen

Le Portrait Gooble

Théâtre la Seizième, 2012

Photo Credit : Joe Perez

L’Enfant Problème

Théâtre la Seizième, 2011

Photo Credit : Joe Perez

Écran de fumée

Théâtre la Seizième, 2009

Photo Credit : Joe Perez

The Boyfriend

Studio 58, 2008

Photo Credit : Emily Cooper

Emilie Leclerc manages the more mature role of the headmistress, Madame Dubonnet, with aplomb.

Jane Penistan – Review Vancouver


Studio 58, 2007

 Photo Credit : David Cooper

Imelda herself has only a couple of cameos but Emilie Leclerc absolutely nails her.

Jerry Wasserman – Vancouver Plays